Proctor & Gamble - The Look

Empathy can be a particularly effective antidote to bias. 'The Look’ is based in the real-world experience of thousands of Black men across the country who experience bias in different ways, big and small, every day. This film is an opportunity for the world to see – and feel – what it’s like to walk in their shoes. My non-profit Saturday Morning partnered with P&G on this thought-provoking and authentic work to create deeper and richer conversation that will inspire change.

Bias is part of the human condition, something we all have and something we all experience. It is most frequently unconscious, formed by generations of social norms. Beyond highlighting bias, this film also celebrates the strength, humanity and resilience of Black men who are thriving amidst many obstacles. It is one part of a comprehensive effort that will help address individual and institutionalized bias to create meaningful change.